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Harris Study Bible

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Introducing The Harris Study Bible: The Harris Bible is comprised of years of study directed to understand the Word of God in a clear and simple way. The purpose of this Bible is to provide key revelation every Bible student should receive. Bible Includes: • Bonded Leather: Black, Burgundy, Gray • Large Print (11 Pt. Font) • Doctrinal Studies • Timelines & Chronological Explanations • Strong’s Concordance References • Scripture References: Subject, Prophetic, & Topical • Questions & Answers • Word Studies (English, Hebrew, Greek) • Topical Studies • Exhaustive Topical Study • People & Places of the Bible • Biographies • Book Setting Introductions Objective: This Bible will serve as a learning tool to better understand the Word of God with scripturally supporting information. There are no ulterior motives or commercial restrictions: the only goal is to help readers develop greater insight into the Word. Additional questions and answers should provide thought and interest for in-depth study. Beginners and Scholars can enjoy.